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How to wash your hair – tips and notes

One of the concerns of women is the health and beauty and the health of their hair. we want to introduce you some tips which can be useful for keeping the beauty and health of your hair.

Before washing the hair when it is dry use a flat comb and comb it to make them be separated so they can be washed better.

In the beginning soak your hair with warm water. this will remove the oil from the hair so they will be washed better. also if you use vitamin shampoo washing with the warm water will increase the absorption of the vitamin.If you don’t have a very oily hair don’t use shampoo more than 2times in a week. and if you take a shower everyday the warm water would be enough.

Washing the hair constantly during a bath has no benefit. that just make the scalp more sensitive and cause your hair lose its style.

Rinsing the hair is so important. try to have a long rinse while massaging it, if you don’t rinse it well that will make your hair seem opaque.

For having a shiny hair after rinsing and washing the shampoo use some drops of vinegar or lemon juice because this will neutralize the lime dissolved in water and will eliminate the bacteria and pollution and shines the hair.

Preferably finish the rinsing with cold water due to the fact that,this causes the Creatine existing in outer surface of the
hair get smooth and shiny.

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