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Save Your Skin!

Skin is one of the main and the heaviest part of  the body, and in the case of loosing the 60%  of it, the human life will be at stake. here we have some tips and facts which lead to the  freshness and the beauty of your skin.

1- Sleep
Sleeping enough will help you have a clear skin and a well shaped eye and a happy spirit, so the  lack of sleep make your skill seem colorless, opaque and tired.

2- Relaxation
Try not to loose your temper over little problems, because when you are angry the muscles of  your face contract and they lead to early skin wrinkle.

3- Drinking water
Consuming plenty of water can be an effective agent for the health and the beauty of the skin.  avoid drinking too much tea and coffee.

4- Cosmetic
Always before going to bed
clean up the make up from your skin and let it breath.

5- Purity
continuously keep your skin clean and use scentless and mild soap to ensure the freshness of  your skin.

6- nutrition
totally appropriate nutrition and consuming fresh fruits and vegetables guarantee the health of  the person and in a result can have a direct and desirable effect on the skin.

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