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Almond milk – A simple but magical drink

This drink is called Almond Milk which is so tasty and beneficial.
The main ingredient for making this drink is raw almond.

Almond Milk’s Benefits:
1- Treatment of seizures
2- Infection of stomach, intestine and
3- Palpitations’ treatment
4- Incessant coughing
5- And calming as several diazepams
6- So beneficial for children’s growing
7- Does the recovery of psychological disorder
8- Schizophrenia will be treated after 3 days by
9- consuming Almond Milk It’s help to cure insomnia and increases the water on the brain.
10- Remedy for Osteoporosis
11- Brings freshness and elegance to your skin
12- Regulation of body electrolytes
13- Very suitable for breakfast meal

The ingredients are as follow:
15 Raw almond
1 – 2 teaspoon honey
1 cup water
We start with soaking the almonds  in water for 4 hours to be soft and to be easily peeled.
Then we put the almonds in the mixer with 1 cup of water and the honey. ( We can add banana, date or mango, because it’s not sweet itself ). And we mix it for 5 minutes and we will have a milk like liquid which is so white and fat. Now our energetic drink is ready!

Caution:  Not recommending for those who suffer Hyperlipidemia (high blood fat)

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